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Hi everyone! I’ve been really busy lately on some projects, and one of those was this storyboard! It’s a short story about 3 kids LARPing, getting into trouble, and the perils of selfish honesty!

I’m selling it on Gumroad right now for only two bucks! Thanks so much for your support!

yuu-noya: when does teenage spaceship update? it's pretty dang cute so far!

Thank you! When all goes according to plan, Teenage Spaceship updates on Mondays! (The last couple of updates came a little late due to technical troubles, my apologies!)

Of course, you can always skip the updates and buy the full first issue on Gumroad.

I hope for issue 2 being out by the end of summer!

TEENAGE SPACESHIP's web edition has launched, with its first 5 pages of story! CLICK FOR MORE! 

It will update on Mondays until all of issue 1 has been posted, at which point hopefully I will be done with 2. If you just can’t wait for more, though, you can go ahead and buy a high-quality PDF of the entirety of issue 1 on Gumroad and read all of the first issue right now! 

You can also get a print copy of issue 1 exclusively by buying one from me this weekend at TCAF (table 268!)

Many thanks to Tyler Hutchison for making the website possible!

I will have a limited number of copies of a small sketchbook called *DIES* at TCAF this weekend!! It’s in color and has comics and drawings inside!

I will have copies of TEENAGE SPACESHIP #1, as well. AND I’ll have buttons and a handful of prints!! Be sure to stop by table 268!

I’m happy to announce that I will be sharing table 268 with Leslie Hung at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend! 

She will be with her wonderful new comic, Baby, along with Milkworld, her new sketchbook (the contents of which are incredible, of course).

I will be with Teenage Spaceship #1, along with a sketchbook called *dies* (not pictured), and we will both have miscellaneous goodies like prints, buttons, etc. Stop by, say hi!!

briandanielwolf: Your comic looks great! Is there a way I can buy it through Paypal?

Sure! Just paypal $4 or more, and include a message mentioning TEENAGE SPACESHIP! If you want it sent to an email address that isn’t the one you use paypal with, make sure you say so in the message.

I have to email it out, personally, though, so forgive me if it takes a little extra time. Thanks!!

HI EVERYONE! I’m happy to announce the launch of my new comic, TEENAGE SPACESHIP! The first issue is up for download on Gumroad!!! 

In issue 1, a prologue of sorts, there’s friendship!! Angst!! Rudeness!! Weird historical romance speculation!! Teen wrestling!!! Check it out!

A lower-res web format will be coming soon, and I will have a limited print run of this issue at TCAF! 

based on an Ulyana Sergeenko modeled by Maria Borges

based on an Ulyana Sergeenko modeled by Maria Borges

don’t tell me about my untied shoe

don’t tell me about my untied shoe

I’ve been a busy bee!! Have a tiny pittance of a glimpse of evidence!!!!!!!!

I’ve been a busy bee!! Have a tiny pittance of a glimpse of evidence!!!!!!!!

I did a couple weeks’ worth of ootd’s inspired by the incredible tiffany ford a little while ago!

i’ve been doing these quick lil sky studies every day or so lately, just to sort of re-acclimate myself to doing more environmental/color things. here are some of my favorites so far. LA is cute

This piece will be featured in the 2014 Homestuck Calendar (it’s April’s)! What Pumpkin should be featuring the calendar in its shop very soon, so keep an eye out for it!